We Believe in


that promote free speech & improve lives

We support charity and organisations championing freedom & wellbeing

Charitable giving is something that we believe in whole heartedly. Our aim is to bring awareness, work with and support charity organisations that champion free speech and expression, internet  and communications safety, security and neutrality and mental health projects. As we grow, our aim is to work on projects that improve the wellbeing of all people through projects such as Beyond Blue, RUOK and the Electronic Frontiers Foundation.

Franklin Media Australia believes education is paramount to an engaged and vibrant society. We believe, to be successful, and to achieve our goals as individuals and as communities, education is key.

Health and mental health are two areas where greater public awareness is critical. Education, preventative care, and support for people struggling with mental illness is essential. According to the World Health Organisation 1 in 4 people will be affected by mental health or neurological disorders in their lifetime. That is currently almost 2 billion people worldwide and the numbers are increasing.

Knowledge transforms us, it gives us the ability to care for ourselves and others. It enables us to contribute in meaningful ways to society. It has been shown over and over that the most educated societies have a greater quality of life. The free flow of information and the ability to communicate with a large variety of people is a goal we support.

The internet is the greatest communication tool we have as a society, ensuring it remains as free and available for use is essential to ensuring freedom around the world. The protection of this freedom is something that we believe must be ensured for all people around the world. The collective welfare of society will be increased when we have an educated and healthy population.

Our aim is to work with and support a variety of brands & causes that improve education. Brands & causes that champion free speech and freedom of communication, and work to improve the quality of life on Earth.

There are a variety of brands we use and endeavour to choose products and services that offer quality options that enable us to achieve our goals.
Our favourite causes are the ones that support people in need regardless of their situation. Mental health issues are an important cause for us and we will always support brands & causes that champion these issues and educate people about them.


We believe in using quality products and services and supporting causes that we believe in. We will always champion those that help us and others to achieve their goals.