Three women who were held as slaves for 30 years have been rescued by London Detectives in what has been described as one of the worst cases of slavery in the recent British history.
The three women, a 69 year old Malaysian, a 57 year old Irish and a 30 year old Briton were rescued from the nondescript home in South London a few weeks ago.
However news of the case only broke this morning as Detectives from Scotland Yard arrested a man and a woman in their 60s on charges of forced labour and domestic servitude.
Metropolitan Police were able to locate and negotiate the rescue of the three women who came to the attention of police through the Freedom Charity who received an anonymous phone call from one of the women after the charity was featured in a documentary on forced marriage.
“All three women who were highly traumatised, were taken to a place of safety where they remain,” Detective Inspector Kevin Hyland of the Metropolitan Police Departments’ Trafficking Unit told reporters.
“The Human Trafficking Unit of the Metropolitan Police deals with many cases of servitude and forced labour. We have seen some cases where people have been held for up to 10 years, but we have never seen anything of this magnitude before.”
It is uncertain as to the true identity of the youngest of the three women who has been held in captivity for her entire life.
The case is reminiscent of recent cases in Austria and the United States however none of these three women have been reported to have been sexually abused although it is believed that they were subject to years of mental and emotional abuse.

Modern Day Slavery is not always obvious
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