There is nothing more valuable than information however information without context can be like a drop of water in the ocean. Context is an essential element when evaluating information and requires key resources that can inspire us and enable us to achieve success.

Knowing what questions to ask to get the answer to life the universe and everything…

Asking the right questions is often what results in getting answers that are the difference between success and failure. However, failure is the key to success, IF a lesson is learnt. The truth is that we are not taught to fail in school, we’re taught not to fail and so we become afraid of it. Failure will be our greatest teacher if we have the wisdom to learn from it. Finding the reasons why we didn’t achieve success will lead to us learning how to become rich.
Franklin Media Australia’s mission is to increase the economic intelligence and prosperity of humanity. What does this mean? That’s a good question! It means that our goal is to teach context, not just to provide information. Critical thinking is an essential element to being able to think for ourselves. The fact is that we are surrounded by thousands of information sources every day all trying to capture our attention.
It is absolutely essential to know how to ask the right questions, to choose sources of information that are reliable, and to follow the simple rule of ‘Trust but verify’. There are genuine sources of fake news that are deliberately designed to muddy the waters. Techniques that are used by governments, organisations and individuals with public platforms trying to gaslight us into believing what they want us to believe.
Increasing the economic intelligence and prosperity of humanity is a lofty goal. However it has a simple goal at the centre, empower people to understand how to develop skills and take their skills and make money to improve their lives and the lives of those they care about. By doing this we will see the wider impact of improving society. This means learning how to make money online, however it also means knowing how to establish a strong foundation for our business and conducting that business in the digital marketplace.

We work to provide resources that will improve peoples knowledge enabling them to start a business, to make money from home for themselves or at work in meaningful employment, to manage their money enabling them to improve their financial position. 

Our vision is of a world where as a global society we can eliminate poverty through education and have the freedom to live however we choose. A society of diverse cultures that value equity and encourage the pursuit of happiness, meaningful work and safety for all.

Resources - Know what questions to ask

Recommended Reading

The are a variety of fantastic teachers around the world that we can learn from. Our aim is to find the best ones that can teach a variety of skills and lessons from the experience of doing them.
Here we start with a list of some of our favourites, their specialties and and a list of some of our favourite resources they have produced.