Make Money: Apps Digital Content and Devices

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There is a lot to know when running a business and this book aims to set up a strategy for the many methods that creative entrepreneurs have been using and adapting with success. It starts with some basic equipment needs and goes on to cover a comprehensive range of revenue ideas as well as including a few tips on how to build and retain an audience and worldwide distribution.

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‘Make Money: Apps Digital Content and Devices – The 7 methods a content creator has to get rich slowly’ is a detailed look with examples for how to make money online. Years of research has been condensed for those whose goal is to get rich with options for photographers, podcasters, sound engineers, writers and filmmakers.

This book teaches you a way of thinking about content and the methods used to monetise that content. It details plans for subscriptions as well as a detailed breakdown of how photographers license their images. It offers ideas for the types of products and services that can be utilised to start a business from home and how to determine your value to maximise your income.

Most importantly this book focuses on how to do it with the lowest possible startup cost while still focusing on the importance of:

Owning and controlling your content;

Communicating directly with your audience;

& how simple it is to get started with modern technology.

Whether your goal is to create online courses for adults, write a book or an ebook, record a podcast, make a short film or YouTube video, or become a sound engineer there are ideas inside that can create a business out of your digital content library. Get started building your digital content strategy.


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