Keeping It Simple

Exploring How To Be Successful in the Modern Economy

Keeping it Simple: It’s all about simplicity

Keeping It Simple is a blog about being successful in the modern economy. What exactly does that mean? It means knowing about and understanding the tools we have at our disposal. This is both in the digital space and the real world. It means taking those tools and using them effectively. Most important of all, it means achieving our goals and living our life the way it makes the most sense.

In the mid to later parts of the 20th century there was a commonly held belief and optimism about the new century. In the 21st century it was believed we would be living significantly more relaxed lifestyles. This was because of the incredible speed at which technology was developing. Automation in factories, the rapid processing powers of computers and the microchip were just some reasons for this belief.

TV shows and movies fired the imagination of what technology could be used to achieve. In many cases they also focused on the negative impacts of what technology could do if not managed with care. Either way we haven’t yet realised the utopian dream of having machines doing our daily chores and allowing us to spend time doing what we love with the people we love.

Keeping It Simple

Explores the ways in which our economy works and how we can become successful in that economy. That is a pretty broad spectrum of ideas but we aim to bring them all back to a simple idea. The development of wealth; Wealth is fundamentally the combination of time and money. It is about developing the resources necessary to have both. Once you know how much money you need to buy back your time than it becomes possible to implement the strategies you need to achieve that.

Keeping it Simple

There are a variety of tools that can be used to be successful in the modern economy. However, we fundamentally believe that having some kind of personal business enterprise is the basic requirement. By saying this we don’t mean you should quit your job, that’s the last thing you should do. However the internet, social media and modern computing has made it possible to establish some form of business for no money if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

That phrase is key, time and effort there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. If that’s what you want then buy a lottery ticket and hope your numbers come up. The fact is most lotto winners are broke or in a worse position after 5 years anyway.

We’re not talking about making money, there are plenty of blogs that talk about that. What we’re talking about is success. Different people have different measurements for success and money for us is only the most basic measurement, however it is tangible and an easy benchmark so it is one that we will use. Money after all is a resource, a tool and a necessity for functioning in any economy. What it is and how its’ represented can be looked at in different ways however the concept is fundamentally the same regardless of where you go.

Keeping it Simple looks at the tools and the resources available for creating some form of personal business enterprise. This PBE can then act as a lever for developing long term success and a lifestyle that brings the most possible peace of mind.

Personal Business Enterprise

Whatever personal business enterprise you choose to develop is irrelevant, ultimately what matters is that it’s something you love doing. Every business requires time and effort and if you don’t love it then it’s doomed to fail from the beginning.

  1. A good business:
    1. Has a product with an end user that comes back to replenish or maintain the product or reuse the service. They are therefore happy with the product and/or service and the quality of both/either and are willing to recommend the business to others.
      1. Sells consumable products.
      2. Sells products with consumable components.
      3. Provides ongoing services.
      4. New products / services that the public have not seen before.
  2. A good business reinvests revenues into improving the products and services on offer.
  3. Ultimately a good business is one that makes life easier for everyone that interacts with them. It makes it easier than its competitors for clients and customers to get the end result the business is offering. If you blow your customers mind then they will become your greatest evangelist.

“But what…is it good for?”

- Advanced Computing Systems Engineer, 1968, commenting on the microchip, IBM
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