Element 8 explores ideas, opinions and possibilities

Element 8 examines ideas, opinions and possibilities we have named it such for the atomic number for oxygen which is one of the fundamental elements necessary for the existence of human life. One of the most important aspects that has driven us forward as a society has been our ability to harness our environment for our own uses. This is a trait that we alone as human beings have achieved out of all life as we know it. No other life on Earth has adapted their environment and it has made us the dominant form of life on Earth.
An idea can be the most dangerous thing, we will never all agree absolutely with each other about what is the best way to do things. However the only way to truly grow as individuals, and as a society is to explore different ideas and how they can be used to make life better. Element 8 explores ideas and aims to achieve an educated and logical approach to how these ideas can make the world better.
We all have our opinions, just like we all have an armpit, some of them stink and some of them don’t. The fact is we have 7 billion people and counting living on a finite lump of rock hurtling through space at approximately 107,000 kilometres per hour. It is absolutely essential that we explore a variety of ideas and possibilities that will aid in solving real problems related to how we continue as a species.
That is the fundamental question Element 8 is all about ‘What are the ideas, development and educational possibilities that will aid us to survive and thrive?’ Yet it is just our opinion!


What is philosophy?

The mistakes people make about their personal philosophy ‘Philosophy’ comes from the Greek for ‘love of wisdom’ and historically has included the study of four areas. Metaphysics, Epistemology, Value Theory. And Logic. Philosophy is something that I’ve had a mild interest in for a long time however it was never something that I never looked into with great detail. From time to time I came across pieces of work by various authors from Aristotle, Plato and more recently Descartes. I’ve heard the names Bertrand Russel, Noam Chomsky and Cornel West in passing. However it was Stephen Fry [...]

Sustainable Water Solutions For Smart Homes

Planning sustainable water solutions for smart homes Setting up smart sustainable water collection, storage and filtration systems for a smart sustainable home Water is a highly valued commodity despite the fact that our entire planet is covered in it. Changes in global climate are driving changes in the way we manage resources. Modern technology also makes it easier to develop small scale smart home sustainable water systems that rival commercial infrastructure from decades past. There has also been a failure of governments to keep up with changes in a variety of areas. This makes it necessary for [...]

Standard Operating Conditions for Flying Drones in Australia

What are the Standard Operating Conditions for Flying Drones in Australia The sub-2kg excluded category was established in order to accomodate small commercial operators and recreational pilots so that it’s not necessary to obtain a remote pilots license. Commercial Remote Aviation Over the past several years drones have become an increasingly popular form of recreation and an annoyance for many. For a variety of hobbyists and amateur pilots there are a wide variety of devices that require little to no skill to fly. The technology has advanced to such a stage that these devices can now carry [...]

Nuclear Power Safety?

Nuclear Power Safety? The nuclear option is the most controversial form of power here we explore 5 of the most famous nuclear events and look at some basic problems we face when dealing with nuclear power. Nuclear Disasters Fukushima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, Hiroshima, the Rainbow Warrior, Moruroa Atoll. These are all names that are closely tied to the most destructive elements of nuclear power. What are some of the challenges we face in dealing with nuclear power. Hiroshima and Nagasaki The United States of America is the only country on earth to use nuclear weapons during war time. [...]

Modern Green Home Office Studio

The Modern Pre-Built Semi-Off-Grid Green Home & Office | Studio Plug & play construction, modern modest comfort, physical security for your property and digital security for your smart network and modern conveniences.  A little something about affordability The OECD recognises affordable quality housing as being a fundamental need in reducing poverty throughout the world. It is identified as a key element that governments around the world need to address. This is in order for them to enhance quality of life and meet targets for many social policy objectives. Many first world nations struggle to meet the basic [...]

Information Age Strategies

Information Age Strategies Information Age Strategies is a series aimed at exploring the ways we can make money in the information age. These strategies are an exploration of the digital economy and the ways business is conducted in the information age. The Information Age has been defined by an economic focus on information technology. Information itself has become a commodity and is disseminated easily and instantly. The IT sector has grown in leaps and bounds since the development of the microchip and even faster since the advent of the internet. However, a vast majority of the world [...]

Corporate Social Responsibility: Does business have any?

Corporate Social Responsibility The Responsibility of Business in Society In a free market economy and a free society what responsibility does business have in addressing the issues of poverty and inequality? This is a question that has been asked repeatedly over the years, frameworks have been developed, examined, redeveloped and re-examined countless times. There is a litany of material and yet the arguments come down to two basic view points. The stakeholder theory (Post, F., 2003) and the the shareholder theory or ‘Friedman’s Paradigm’ (Coelho, McClure & Spry, 2003). In this essay I will look at the [...]

CERN Spies Accidentally Create Alternate Reality?

European Organisation for Nuclear Research I’ve been formulating my own personal hypothesis. A renegade team of fundamentalist anti-science spies broke in and used the LHC to rip a hole in time and space. that seems to be the only explanation I can come up with for the current state of the world CERN - Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire CERN has become one of the pre-eminent [Definition: Surpassing all others; very distinguished in some way.] scientific research organisations in the world. As of March 2018 the organisation boasts 22 member states and is located on the [...]