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Our mission is to increase the economic intelligence and prosperity of humanity by working to educate, communicate, mediate and appreciate knowledge, curiosity with the focus on improving lives.

Franklin Media Australia embraces our curiosity by learning how the world works. Our core missions is to educate, and we find that the best way to learn something, is to teach others how it works. Our articles explore business and society and how they are intertwined. Communication and mediation are how we exchange and negotiate ideas that will change the world. Change can be a scary thing, however when done well, with the right intent and a focus on the small details there is no end to the levels of success we can achieve.

Our Featured Articles

What is philosophy?

‘Philosophy’ comes from the Greek for ‘love of wisdom’ and historically has included the study of four areas. Metaphysics, Epistemology, Value Theory. And Logic. Philosophy is something that I’ve had a mild interest in for a long time however it was never something that I never looked into with great detail. From time to time I came across pieces of work by various authors from Aristotle, Plato and more recently Descartes. I’ve heard the names Bertrand Russel, Noam Chomsky and Cornel West in passing. However it was Stephen Fry who got me thinking more deeply about philosophy and what [...]

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