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Researcher, Programmer, Writer, Web Developer & Crypto Enthusiast. CTO of Franklin Media Australia. The handle has no meaning other than a nod to the nineties movie Hackers starring Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie.

Nexo Platform Review for Australians: A Comprehensive Look

We conduct a Nexo platform review and offer an objective look at what it is and how easy it is to use from the Australian point of view. The TLDR on this is that Nexo is a fantastic platform however it does have a single glaring issue for Australians in general. The Nexo Token is required to be held in order to improve your loyalty level. This is a good thing for the platform as it provides liquidity that is necessary for every business. It is good for the customer because it offers incentives in the form of cheaper [...]

How to Connect Polygon to Your MetaMask Wallet

We walk through the simple steps, with images, necessary to add the polygon network to your MetaMask Wallet. The developers of the Polygon network have been working to solve many of the problems plaguing the Ethereum blockchain. One of the largest problems has been the prohibitive transaction costs associated with working with Ethereum. Reducing these gas fees is a key issue to making the mass adoption and mainstream use of blockchain technology more feasible. Polygon has successfully reduced this barrier to entry into blockchain with their ongoing development. It’s now possible to engage in transactions for only a few [...]

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