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About SR Smedley

Stephen Smedley is the Founder and Director of Franklin Media Australia Pty Ltd. Stephen has a degree in business management and communications with a major focus on marketing and public relations strategy. Before dedicating himself to developing Franklin Media Stephen wrote for a number of online publications where he helped to increase social media exposure by more than 1000%. He worked with a major Australian brand to develop a specialist team responsible for advanced customer care of guests with special assistance requirements. Stephen previously worked as a trainer, as a tour leader and as an event planner for one of the largest live-aboard cruise charters in South East Queensland. He spent 7 years working with dive operations, the adventure sports industry and the backpacker industry promoting Australian Tourism along Australia’s east coast. Stephen was trained by an award wining former business journalist and editor for Newscorp. In addition to being an expert in small business and a business strategist, Stephen is a keen photographer and traveller. He has travelled throughout Australia and has spent time in the United States and the Pacific Islands.

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